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Fashion and Function at SPORT 2000 Glaser

In our clothing section we offer you fashionable and functional clothing for every event that will occur. Either if its Snow or Ski outwear, gallant accessories or simple and nice clothes you will find what you are looking for in our shop.

We offer following brands:
Phenix, Halti, Icepeak, Salewa, Salomon, Burton, Maier, Vaude, Fischer, Odlo, Brunotti, Löffler, Campagnolo, Cool Kids, Newland, Adidas, Nike, Lutha, Hestra, Reusch, Eisbär, Alpina, Uvex, Steffner, Desigual, Bulaggi, Zanier, Buff, Norton, Leki and Ski Austria!

Outwear that is useful on Outdoor days on your holiday and Ski days is next to proper ski gear the most important part. It should keep you warm on cold days but still breathe and keep your temperature normal when it gets warmer. Just to feel good!

It is very important to dress with a certain system so we suggest to dress after the layer principle.  Discover here how to do so:

First layer: Ski underwear

Ski underwear is produced out functional material and has the feature to keep you dry when you sweat and keep you warm when it gets cold after an exhausting run.

Second layer: Isolation layer

The second layer is also a layer to keep you warm and dry. Therefore you can use a light soft-shell jacket, a zip fleece, …

Third layer: protective coat

The protective coat is the exterior layer and it should be water proof, wind proof and breathable. Wind and Water will have no chance to reach your skin because the brands use materials like laminates, membranes or micro porous as a coating. These materials are perfect for the mountains, keep you dry and warm but your body will still be able to breathe. Take care what water column your outwear has. Most of the materials are only waterproof to a certain grade, you will realise that while carrying your skis or sitting on a wet chairlift - so take care what you buy. In autum and spring it is also suitable to wear knitted jumpers or soft shell jackets - these should be water-repellent and windproof too.

We would love to help you choose your perfect winter gear!